About Us


Calgary West Dance Academy is committed to providing professional and safe dance training to children and youth of all ages. With a focus on the development of strong technique, creativity and stage presence young dancers will be given the opportunity to thrive in an atmosphere of discipline, support and inclusion. We focus on providing an age appropriate dance experience that allows children to be kids! Our choreography, costume and music choices will always reflect age appropriate themes and content. We instill our students with a passion to achieve success in every dance class and to find joy in this beautiful art form. 


Our school goes above and beyond the training you will find at any comparable studio. Each student is of equal importance to us and we wish to help all students achieve their personal best. Dance is at the foundation of what we teach but the lessons taught involve much more. We train dancers who are both technically strong performers as well as creative artists, compassionate peers and confident leaders.


The community at our school is just as important to us as the training that we provide. In the dance class we strive to create an environment that encourages positivity, participation and success. The atmosphere at CDWA is one of inclusion and support. Our students, teachers and families connect with one another to uplift and make all feel welcome!


Through our quality dance education we teach our students an appreciation for arts and culture. The arts have always served as a way for individuals to express emotions, thoughts and ideas. An arts education provides children with the tools to think outside the box, work collaboratively with others, persevere through challenging situations, express themselves with confidence and connect with an audience.