Technique Classes

Classical Ballet (6yrs. +)

Ballet teaches discipline and the technical foundation necessary to become a successful dancer. Classical ballet is known for teaching elegance, poise and grace. We teach Vaganova Ballet technique with elements of Cecchetti and RAD to offer a fully comprehensive Ballet training experience. The syllabus we follow progressively builds through Primary to Advanced levels. Students may be eligible for ballet exams at the discretion of the teacher. *Students in Ballet 1 and higher must take required 2 classes per week. 

Jazz (5yrs +)

Jazz technique is fast paced and dynamic. It is full of fun and high energy movement. This dance style focuses on developing strong technique, full body coordination, strength, flexibility, core strength and cardio. There is an added emphasis on the execution of jumps and turns. We follow the ADAPT Jazz Syllabus. Students may be eligible for Jazz exams at the discretion of the teacher. 

Tap (5yrs.+)

This fun and rhythmic style of dance is always a favourite among children because of the, "noisy," shoes involved. Tap increases a dancers understanding of rhythm, music and syncopation. With an emphasis on clear footwork and a strong upper body Tap develops a strong sense of musicality and requires precision of movement.  We follow the ADAPT Tap Syllabus. Students may be eligible for Tap exams at the discretion of the teacher. 

Acro (5yrs.+)

Acro is a new stylized form of dance that teaches tricks executed on a hard dance surface unlike traditional gymnastics, which are executed on sprung mats. Acro incorporates elements of tumbling, balance, strength, flexibility and cardio. When these skills are combined with a strong technical dance foundation dancers will learn how to do tricks like handstands, cartwheels, and more advanced tricks that can be incorporated in dance choreography. *Acro students Novice Level and higher are required to take a Ballet or Jazz technique class.  

Contemporary (7yrs.+)

Contemporary dance draws from elements of classical ballet and modern dance. This style is often abstract and does not follow conventional movement patterns but allows for creative freedom of movement. Contemporary dance develops the qualities of suspension and release as well as an athletic quality of movement. *Contemporary students are encouraged to register in a Ballet or Jazz technique class. 

Progressing Ballet Technique (6yrs.+)

Progressing Ballet Technique is a revolutionary training class to enhance Ballet technique. This class is for serious minded Ballet students and Company dance students who wish to improve their strength and technique in all styles. Students will have a chance to develop their strength, flexibility and core strength through a series of specially designed exercises.

Demi Pointe (11yrs.+)

For students wishing to pursue Pointe technique in the upper levels of Classical Ballet Demi Pointe is a prerequisite. This class focuses on the development of the legs and feet through use of therabands and other specialized training exercises. Students must take Demi Pointe for a minimum of 2 years prior to taking Pointe technique.